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January 31, 2012
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COLLABORATION: Femforce P Attack by leshawk COLLABORATION: Femforce P Attack by leshawk

In the far reaches of space, a world lay still. Days before, it had been like any other. Families, politics, and a millennium of history. Gone. Through the struggle of cosmic entities? No. Through their own misguided steps as a people? No. Their end was far more humiliating and came in utter anti-climax for them. The greed of an alien tyrant and his vicious servants, the Saiyans. But that was not the half of it. For you see, the Saiyans had great strength and abilities, yet they were not relied upon for this job,
“UuurllLAAAP! Oh yeah,” sighed the leader, Potago, picking her teeth with a bone “That felt nice. Excellent work today girls. We all met?”
Potago was leader of FemForce P, a Saiyan squadron made entirely out of women. Most sqads were significantly smaller, maybe four at most, but the women of FFP were proven to work best when grouped. At the very least, their morale was high. For this conquest they split up into three groups, though Potago (the strongest) had gone out on her own, having just met up with Beatru.
“Afraid not Po.”
“Huh? Oooh, not thinking straight.” She brushed her draping, spiked black hair from her eyes. “Must be all this extra ‘baggage’ I’m carrying. Haha!”
The two rubbed their full stomachs blissfully, though ‘full’ hardly did their states justice. Epic, or engorged seemed more appropriate. Certainly, their bellies bulged out so far in front of them, such a petty label was downright inaccurate. They were absolutely stuffed to the gills! Beyond that even!
Fem Force P had eaten all life on the planet.
It may be good to mention exactly what a Saiyan was. Imagine a human, with a tail. A brown, furry tail. Now imagine that this human found it exceptionally easy to learn how to fly, without wings. And the natural strength for the human was enough to survive bullets to the eyes and bend steel. Now, if you dare, imagine this human could also naturally focus their power into a projectile form to launch as a beam weapon and was, as a species, hellbent on pushing the limits of their strength, so that their 'natural' strength seemed insect-like in comparison.
Voila, a Saiyan!
“Uuurp! Ah, gotta say, I’ve never had a feed quite like that, Bea. But I can promise you this much, it won’t be the last.”
“Wonderous news!” she burped in reply. She was very happy that Po had decided to stick with the older model Saiyan armo; exposed midriffs, perfect for this level of self indulgence. Saiyans were voracious by nature, the women especially, but they were certain (and correct) that no one had ever taken it this far. It gave an element of excitement to the whole ordeal, like someone discovering there is life beyond the stars for the first time. But there were far more petty reasons for their enjoyment as well.
While their bellies did not seem to contain thousands upon billions of people, the invasion had taken place over several days. There had been times when they appeared to be titanic flesh colored spheres hurtling through the sky, but given enough time, said spheres would shrink, revealing the increasingly voluptuous women behind them. To know that, as the result of a species being wiped from the universe, seven women had their breasts triple in size, their behinds grow round and firm, and feel their titanium steel abs become disguised by pillowy chub, just rubbed salt in the wound. Perhaps even sadder, none of them had actually gotten fat, merely plump. Was their world not enough to justify a change in physique?
“Didn’t you go off with Unya? Where is she?”
“We were almost ready to come back, but we found some kind of kitchen. She decided the cook, the staff, the patrons and the rest of the city weren’t filling enough. Even still, she should be back by now.”
A tanned woman with a long loop of hair reaching down to her perfectly rounded bottom drifted into view. Kron had green slime smeared across her face, but she didn’t seem to be aware of it.
“BUUUURLLAAAAARP! Ah, good to see you guys again.” Her mighty girth blocked the significantly shorter Kallege out of view for a moment.
Kallege differed somewhat to Kron, as her hair instead aimed forward, drooping over her eyes like a pair of mighty fangs, leaving nothing but a very satisfied smile, looking all the more satisfied as she rubbed at the planetary tummy before her.
“Ah, Kron, Kallege, you two look well fed. I take it your share of the conquest was as glorious as ours?”
“Glorious? Spectacular! Magnificent! I feel like a Super Saiyan, my dear Potago! I feel like I could take on Lord Freiza myself! What a rush!” Her stomach kicked; apparently some of the locals were more stubborn than regular food. She punched the bump, and it stopped. “Oh, I wish you were there to see it! It was so cute! The way they ran, screamed and pleaded as we flew overhead. I actually decided to spare a few they were so adorable! Unfortunately, Kallege didn’t make such a promise.” She laughed.
“Yummy,” Kallege replied flatly.
“What’s that on your lips?” asked Beatru, motioning to the significant green smudge.
She laughed, “Oh yeah, I developed a taste for their plant life, too. I noticed you guys had practically just had a nibble, so I finished it off.
“I helped,” added Kallege.
Potago floated over and curiously poked at their spherical stomachs with her tail, making them both belch as she gave each a great poke. With a shrug, she pressed her own against Kron’s. The mixture of gurgles made the intense digestion going on inside rather obvious, and the idea that the subject of it all was the last remnants of a once bright civilization was very exciting indeed. And not entirely innocent, either, though with that said there was very little innocent about their recent actions.
“Ha! Mine’s bigger! What’s the matter, Po? That flashy Power Level of yours not extend to your appetite? Maybe I should take over as leader for a while, let you take your mind off things.”
“Like size matters. So you put away a few hundred trees and a few civillians? In here you’ll find this planet’s ruler and its greatest champions. That’s a few more bragging rights than taking a bite out of the Tree of Might, sister.”
“Oh please,” she scoffed playfully, “Could the planet’s greatest champions give you this? PrrrrrommmPPPPFFFFT!” A rank explosion of gas erupted from her backside. Even the high tech Saiyan armour couldn’t contain the sheer menace she had just unleashed from her bowels. All but Kallege reacted with the expected revulsion. “Oh yeah, you guys were so busy with your meat, you let me have at every shrub of vegetation this planet had to offer. I even got a few loads of dirt so that there won’t be a chance for you to get a taste!” she pulled down her eyelid and blew a raspberry.
Kron bumped her leader back a few inches with her superior gut, her flatulence giving her an extra push. She seemed oh so smug, bouncing about with her bottom firing off at full force. PHROMP! FFFRRRTTRTRTRTRTR! GWRRRRROMPFFFFFT!
“Eww, don’t be so-Uuuurp!-gross! Honestly, you’re worse than Unya! She was firing off all mission! I tell you, its-PFFFFFTTOOOOOOOOOOOOORMPSSSHFT!” She promptly shut up.
“Haha, what better way to celebrate the memory of…what was this planet called again? Smoogle…Shmerri, eh whatever. PFFFFFFFFT!”
It had become a farting contest between Potago and Kron, with Beatru holding her nose in disgust. Though she unwillingly contributed her share for a while, she soon shrugged and did her share to nurture the foggy green cloud surrounding them.
“What’s the matter Kallege? Too girl to let one rip, are we?”
“No, she just knows she’d blow you all out of the water. She’s been eating radioactive isotopes.”
They were finally joined by the tall haired Killflower, and Cuucunna, whose hair was comparatively normal. They looked just about as smug as the others, though Killflower had good reason, it being her afterall who discovered the rather rich flavor of the native. She just decided to lick one to be scary, and the next thing she knew she was gulping down six pairs of green legs.
“Ah, you two, now we’re almost a complete set! Where the hell is Unya?”
“I suspect she’s fallen asleep. Such a sleepy girl, I’m surprised she doesn’t doze off half the time. Though in this case I suppose I can hardly blame her, with all this in me I think I’m just about ready for bed myself. PFFFFFFFFFFFT!”
Cuucunna rubbed her titanic tum and, with a very anxious look, declared, “I am starved!” This gained her a lot of very odd looks from her five cohorts.
“Are you quite serious? You realize we practically just ate a planet!”
She mumbled, “I can’t help it, I have an oral fixation.”
“Wow, slow down!” Potago laughed. “Maybe we can hit another planet on the way home. Lord Freiza may be so impressed that he'll even let us have a third!”
“Haha! We'd be the sexiest Saiyans to ever fly!” laughed Kron It was somewhat apparent that King Vegeta, leader of the Saiyans, had a love of full figured women. To be desired by the King of the Saiyans would give them goddess status! Some of them cared not for his affections, but Potago, Kron and Cuucanna were so excited by the prospect of being Queen that they unloaded anther bombshell of flatulence each. Their tails partially charred, they wrapped them around their waists, jiggling their bellies as they snapped on like a belt, squeezing out a few more PFFFFTs and PHROOOMPs.
“Letting you your gas, huh? Yawned a new voice. “Foolish comrades, I 'm sorry to say that only Unya's petite patootie can claim dominance in that. Check your scouters...” She displayed her butt, which was naturally largest of all FemForce P. “It's over nine thousands.”
Killfire tooted. “Oh, look who finally decided to show up? And then she has the guts to start talking down to us?”
“Its only because its true,” she laughed. The smugness factor within the group was astounding.
“Alright, I suppose you've all seen us drop out guts. If you're such a fantastic farter, prove it.”
She turned away from them and swayed her ass from side to side, swinging her tail hypnotically. “Nah, you guys are so proud, I don't want t make you feel pathetic.”
What made Unya's smugness unpleasant compared to the others, was that she had the smallest power level of all of them. Perhaps she was indeed the Empress of Flatulence, but that did not give her the bragging rights she so firmly believed she had. She also believed she was a single flirt away from capturing the heart of that hunk Bardock, closer than King Vegeta to becoming a Super Saiyan, and in general, the backbone of Freiz'a army.
“You wouldn't stop back when we were attacking,” snorted Beatru. “Why should you stop now?”
“Haha, fine, if you insist. But the results, no matter how pride crushing, happened of your own free willl. I shant warn you again.” She bent over and shook her backside. Taking a deep breathe, it began.
PFHROOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARH!! The back of her armor tore open was what appeared to be a blast of pure energy exploded out from behind her. AAAAAARPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTPPPPTPTPTPTPTFFFFT! Their scouters began to spark as it engulfed them. SLSWSHLWLSFTPFYSLIWSHFSLE! With they could already feel their hair drying and setting alight, the smell was far worse, making them want to throw up their own skeletons! FROAAANKFROAAAANKFROOANK! Potago felt like she was dying! RMBLEPFFFTRMBLEPFFFFTRMBLEPFFFFFTETETETETETETEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFLLLLLGGLFFF! She'd do anything! She's rever Unya as a god! She'd let her take over as leader! She's punch Lord Frieza in the groin; anything to make her stop expelling that gaseous hell! PhunkfrrrrooooORRRRRPHALALALALALALALFFFFFFFFTTTTTOOTOOOOTTRUMPLETUFFTUFTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRFFFFFFFFFPHHHHHAAAARRRRRTHPHPHPHPHFhrunkLEGUNKfrtttrrrPFFFTooooORRRRRPumpaumpaumpaTOOOOTLFFFFFFFFTTTTTOOTOOOOTTRUMPLETUFFTUFTFFFFFFFFFFFFFOORRRRRRRRRRFFFFFFFFFPHHHHHAAAARRRRRfHfHHfHfHRORPRORPBLAAAAAAAAAAARGH!
A nightmare! An utter nightmare! By the time the horror had ceased, and their eyes no longer watered, the damage had already been done. They each looked as though they had just fought with a Great Ape Saiyan and won after a full day of brawling. Their armour looked crispy, and their hair was steaming. Not to mention they doubted they could ever get the smell out. But the icing on the cake? The mountain behind them was gone. Cuucunna had in fact been flung half a mile, and did not look liable to recover within the hour.
“So, what do you gals say?”
“'re the Queen of Flatulence,” they chanted in unison. All...except Kallege, who, while smoking and burnt looking like her cohorts, did not look like she had noticed the Megaton Fart.
“What's wrong, Kal? Goodness,” she said partially joking, and partially concerned, “I hope that didn't actually kill you.”
A small crept onto Kallege's face. “Silly little girl.” She turned around.
A small chunk of the planet vanished..
Unya circled the planet several times as the blast propelled her bakcwards. The scouters finally just exploded, but this brought nothing bu joy to the five other Saiyans. Kallege had aimed away from them, meaning the smell was bearable, and seeing Unya in her current position was worth a thousand dates with King Vegeta.
Holding her nose with just enough force not to break it, Potago patted Kallege on the shoulder. “I'll see to it you get a pay rise,” she smiled. Kallege smiled on as always, her eyes still misssing under her hair. “Kron, go fetch Cuucunna, and someone else get Unya on her next orbit over. I think its time we left. The rest of you? I believe our ships went that way.”

On the other side of the planet, the seven pods had all been embedded in the face of a mountain.. It didn't take long for them to dig through enough to reach the doors. By the time they had, Unya and Cuucunna were close by. Kallege was still being showered with praise for her amazing feat. If she could weaponise that, she may very well have surpassed King Vegeta in power. There was another rumor saying he liked girls who could hold their own...
“Well, gotta say that this mission has been a rousing success!” Potago declared as they prepared to slip into their pods. “FemForce P has done it again, and let this be known as a proud day in the Saiyan Empire! We have changed the face of warfare forever! Before you know it, the Saiyan stomach will be known as the last thing a planet is likely to see!”
Those not unconscious gave a cheer. So many experiences they had felt that day,and there was only more to come! They had hardly recovered from those final displays, so comprehending their own joy and excitement was out of the question. And just to think, there were plenty of planets ready to meet the same fate. Beautiful...
But as they prepared to leave, one time problem showed its face.
“Po?” asked Killfire, concerned. “I can't fit in my pod.”
“Me neither!” exclaimed Beatru and Kron. Their bellies were actually larger than their ships! They couldn't possibly fit inside with trashing them! That was not anticipated...
“Huh, oh well,” shrugged their leader, “It shouldn't take too long to burn this off to a more manageable size. A week at most if anyone ate some of the buildings.” They all had guilty looks on their faces upon hearing this. “Well, fortunately that whole time we'll be absorbing nutrients, so perhaps we can try and sleep through the week.”
“I'm as sleepy as any of us,” commented Kron, “But is it that really wise? I mean, we were told to report back the moment we were done.”
“True, so we'll just say it took a little longer than expected.” Snapping her fingers, everyone began to punch a bed into the walls of the mountain. She had a tendency to becme a little more serious once the 'fun' stuff was over. “What's the worst that could happen? Come on girls, lets get some shut eye, we've earned it.”
That very next day, thousands of light years away, Planet Vegeta, home-world of the Saiyans, celebrated the very first, and subsequently last, Frieza Day...

If i'm not mistaken, this is the first collab i've done with :icongo-tee: Thank ye kindly, sir.
The picture that comes with this story features the saiyans, (In order from left to right,) Killflower, Kron, Potagos, Beatru, Kallege, Cuccuna, and Unya...
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